I Give You Dead Plants to Show You How Much I Love You

by Swooning

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This EP was recorded and mixed by Richard Castanedo in my bedroom over the first half of 2015. The songs were written and performed entirely by Christopher Ruiz. While the songs are written, they're still in a demo stage because they're missing a drummer, effects, and other guitarists.

The Cover Art was done by Emmanuel Franco, a Pilsen Artist

Some of the songs were inspired by someone and the way that I've been feeling throughout 2015.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/breakouttheleaves


released July 12, 2015

Art and Title: Emmanuel Franco
Guitar, Bass, and Vocals: Christopher Ruiz
Recording and Mixing: Richard Castanedo and Christopher Ruiz



all rights reserved


Swooning Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Fine
Woken in the morning,
I don't hear the sound.
Tear the house apart
looking for your answer.
I feel fine.
Sun shines through my curtains,
I just want to lay down.
Crawling through the long day
when will it be done?
Close my eyes.
I feel fine.
Track Name: For you
The night stars.
Glow in the dark.
Gloom and blue,
I want to miss you.
Touch my face.
Close our eyes.
Close to you
so we could dream to.
Hold my hand,
go away, to a place
where we want to stay.
You and I.
At the pier, arm in arm,
Oh, you make me feel.
You look at me and I can't breathe.
Is it true?
My heart is racing.
Rest your head onto me,
I'm right here don't go anywhere.
Come and stay.
Have a will.
Come real close,
I think you're lovely.
Go to sleep.
I'm at Peace.
Blew it all.
Oh, I can't see.
For you.
Track Name: Pining
The moon and its light.
I'm lost here in the darkness.
Waves crash in the sand, I'm lost here in a trance.
Where did you go? I'm stuck here waiting for you.
I know that you wont call me again.
Here in a dark room, I'm embracing you tightly.
Trapped in my head, please come and make it better.
A serene dream. I've lost all of my peace.
Will it happen again or haunt me in my sleep.
And I know it's all gone.
Where'd you go?
Who knows?
Not now.
Track Name: Your Eyes
I'm anxious and confused. I want to see you.
I don't know what to do, I know you're busy.
I wont bother you, it wont go anywhere.
Do you feel like I do, or should I just go away.
The day is done.
My brain is in the way
I think it's worth it
Will it hurt in the end,
or will I feel gain?
I don't know why I feel so much
but yeah, it's true
My day will come and I'll be there true with you.
Your eyes are like wine
The day is done.

*My pug, Paco, snoring*
Track Name: A While
In the flesh
I don't know why
You're here in my arms
what a surprise now


Take a rest
we'll lay on clouds
to forget the rest
lie with me a while

Track Name: Tonight
I owe you the stars and moon
Lay back
breath out
Tonight is mine
Track Name: Vacant (Demo)
I'm on the roof of a vacant warehouse. Under the moon, I drink this for you. Where are you? Over the view, I don't see you. No, I'm not mad, you're just like that. I'm in the way, crawl back to my dark cave. Where are you?
Track Name: Subspace (Audacity demo)
I can't breathe
So blissful
Came to be
Float with me

I'm for sleepless nights
your gaze fills my eyes
Nod into my doze
Wave to something more

Fall leaves twirl to
a full moon
Coy demeanor
Your pale allure

We're inside
Your room
Your soft hand in mine
I wanted to
blanket too
go back

I'm for sleepless nights
Your gaze fills my eyes
Nod into my doze
Wave to something more